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Fetal heart beat with a stethescope?

Bella Lockheart <3 said:

Does anyone try to take baby 's heartbeat with a stethescope? I 'the VE has read that can be detected at 18 weeks (which is how far along I am) with a stethescope. I was wondering if you have tried everything. stethescope * Places on the belly * The mine improves the work! Cost me an arm and a leg!

3 Responses to “Fetal heart beat with a stethescope?”

  1. hello. I found him at 18 weeks. took a couple of minutes but I had a respectable sthethoscope that helped. good luck.

  2. It is possible but not likely unless they really know what you are doing. Most likely you take your own heartbeat. If you are going to try need stethescope really good and not that of The cheapies … you hear the heartbeat is actually the rear called the bell.

  3. A fetal stethoscope medical supply also known as a fetoscope, is designed for auscultation of the finest fetal heart. Since 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal heartbeat can usually be heard without amplification or ultrasound Doppler with the use of a special kind of stethoscope. This is the fetoscope. This is intended for use by professionals. Fetoscope A is a method for the evaluation of fetal heart tones during pregnancy, work and major birth. The heartbeat can be heard widely over the back of? s? the baby. But, in some cases where the mother is overweight or fat or the placenta is on the front wall uteri, it will be difficult to hear the fetal heart by stethoscope. The use of a fetoscope provide all the information needed for the care of women at low risk. Even with the contractions, changes in heart rates of? of? the babies can be heard and determined. It is said that a fetal stethoscope medical supply has mainly been replaced by electronic sonicaid and only has been used by many poorer countries. A sonicaid is a modern audience used in the treatment of pregnancy. The microphone has a highly sensitive - and a small speaker that allows to amplify and monitor the fetal heartbeat. Because the speaker, allows not only the midwife or doctor uses and listen to the heartbeat. Sonicaids is particularly mace with different specifications, mainly with a digital display that shows the fetal heart rate in beats per minute. Although the sonicaid is nowadays widely used, some medical professionals still prefer to use and stick with the way the manual control of the heart beat of the fetus by using a fetal stethoscope medical supply rather than the effect of electronic do so.